8th June 2005

Amended code rings TauRIS R600+

Dear Sirs,

Since some years we are using code rings of the type TauRIS 600+ for our Electronic Clocking System TauRIS. These rings are produced by the company AEG Identifikationssyteme GmbH, Ulm.

During the current deliveries within this year the company AEG ID made a change on the rings approximately 4 weeks ago. Since that time the code rings are not compatible anymore and do no longer work on the TauRIS systems.

We were not informed about this amendment before. Upon request AEG ID officially notified us about this change on 17th May 2005.

In order to make the new version of the code rings supplied by AEG ID work on the TauRIS systems, all fancier systems and all club equipments would have to be converted.

    What is the situation now?

  • The company AEG no longer produces TauRIS-compatible rings.

    Please pay attention to the fact that also the code rings of the types Tipes 600+ and Bricon 3000 are concerned. The new rings of these types also no longer work on the TauRIS systems.

  • We have stopped all deliveries of the code rings TauRIS 600+ early enough. You have not received any incompatible rings from us.
    How do we proceed now?

  • Immediately after the above situation became know to us we have started with the production of the code ring type TauRIS 2000. This ring was already produced and supplied to TauRIS customers by ourselves some years ago. But this in smaller quantities than the TauRIS 600+ ring. We have now reactivated this production and have extended it by an additional production line.

  • Starting with calendar week 25 we will supply TauRIS 2000 code rings. In price there will be no disadvantage for you. You can buy the TauRIS 2000 rings at your usual conditions.

  • The production and delivery of TauRIS 2000 code rings is not a one-time campaign. Also in the future we will produce and supply you with TauRIS 2000 rings for our Electronic Clocking System TauRIS. By this means we will reach a higher quality standard, we will be able to produce more flexible and will have more options regarding the pricing.
    What do you have to know?
    What do you have to bear in mind?

  • The TauRIS 2000 code rings work unrestrictedly on all TauRIS club sensors with blue bottom case as well as on all TauRIS fancier systems.

  • In case some clubs still use old entry sensors which can be identified by their complete grey case, they cannot use the TauRIS 2000 code ring. If so we can supply new entry sensors at short term.

  • We can offer you the entry sensor at your usual discount conditions. In case you wish to give a special price to the clubs, kindly let us have your suggestions and we will work out a solution which is acceptable for both sides.

  • We will produce the TauRIS 2000 code rings in sufficient quantities whereas it can come to smaller shortages before the young bird season this year due to the tight time. We will clarify these then with you in the individual cases.

We would kindly like to ask for your understanding for any inconvenience through this situation which might occur for you as dealer. This situation was not caused by our fault. However, you can be assured that we will do everything in our power in order to avoid negative impacts for the fanciers and customers.

With this letter we would like to give you as our dealer the necessary background information regarding the ring problem in order to enable you to explain the situation to your customers upon request.

For any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us. We are at your entire disposal.

Rüter EPV-Systeme GmbH

Dezember 2004

Congratulations once again!

Viggo Eloffson is the Skandinavian master and
enthusiastic TauRIS user since several years.

February 2004

We congratulate Geert Pluimers
for his excellent place at the
Derby Race in Shenyang!

The race distance was 400 miles.
150 of the 1927 registed pigeons came from Europe.

Here are the12 best Ranks from Europe:
1. G.Pluimers (NL), 2. K. Madsen (Dan)
3. G. Overbeeke (NL),
4. J. Baeck (Dan)
5. Jurriens Sr&Jr (NL), 6. G.Pluimers (NL)
6. G.Pluimers (NL), 8. Ludwigsen (Dan),
9. K. Madsen (Dan), 10. Eijerkamp en Zn (NL),
11. Trosberg (Dan), 12. Djernaes (Dan)

Geert Pluimers is an
enthusiastic TauRIS user since several years.

January 2004

German Federation Exhibition 2004

TauRIS has celebrated the 10th anniversary of
its products on the German Federation Exhibition.

Präsident Menzel hold the welcoming speech to the visitors.
The auction in favour of "Aktion mensch" was a great success!

The winners of the Championship 2003!

November 2003


In the pigeon sports newspaper 'Die Brieftaube' from the 08.11.2003 you can find an article about a company portrait of Rüter EPV-Systeme GmbH.



November 2003


Viggo Eloffson is the Skandinavian master and
enthusiastic TauRIS user since several years.



November 2003

The German internet-championship
Lottery at the TauRIS stand!

The presentation ceremony took place during the Exhibition "Taubenmarkt" in Kassel at the TauRIS stand on the 08.11.2003 at 13.00 h. The session was very popular and many winners, participants and interested people came to the lottery.

The German internet-championship achieved a new record, 381 applications for the different championships in 2003 (269 in the year 2002) and prices over 4.500.- €. As so many fanciers confirmed their results the organiser decided to do an extra lottery. The participation was worth while for everybody.



November 2003

Now available in our company
Stickers for rings!

As material we use high performance fo8ls from the advertising technique. The print is done by screen print. The stickers stick very well and the print is weather- and water resistant.

You can cose between 6 colours:
yellow, red, blue, turquoise, white, pink, green and orange.

The minimum order quantity is 100 pcs for € 13,-. Order now online under enquieries.